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Welcome To Golinska Foot Care Stopsley Clinic

In the Golinska Foot Care Stopsley Clinic you can relax in the comfortable treatment chair in a clean, light and airy treatment area while Kasia takes care of your feet using the latest equipment and products. 


The Hygiene and The Highest Quality of Disinfection and Sterilization are Priority in Golinska Foot Care Stopsley Clinic

The quality of service and hygiene standards are kept to the highest levels with the use of the latest sterilization equipment and instruments. All our podiatry instruments are cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic bath. Afterwards they are sterilised to 134 degrees in a professional machine, known as an autoclave. The instruments are vacuum packed within the autoclave in sterile pouches. The instruments remain sterile in the pouch until opened at the treatment session so there is no risk of cross contamination or infection. The pouches have a colour indicator slip that shows sterilisation has taken place. All other equipment as gloves, mask, towels etc. are disposable, so my patient can feel safe and comfortable during the treatment.


All appointments have to be pre booked.

Your requirements will be discussed prior to your treatment and any concerns addressed. 

An initial visit with the foot health practitioner includes a full medical history, foot health check, advice and treatment.

Please allow approximately 45 minutes. 

Follow-up appointments are approximately 30 minutes. 

A full medical history must be taken prior to any treatment being given. A list of all prescription and non-prescription medication regularly taken must be brought with you when attending for this initial appointment. This information is taken on a strictly confidential basis. The appointment includes, as necessary, nail trimming, ingrown toenail, callus reduction, corn removal, verrucae and fungal advice/treatment.  

Any ongoing treatment will be discussed and agreed upon.

Payment may be made by either cash or card at appointment. 


Medicaments, paddings, dressings etc. cost extra and will be discussed and agreed with you at your appointment as necessary and if required.

Cancellation Policy:

Should you wish to cancel an appointment please provide 48 hours notice of cancellation so that we have the opportunity to try and fill the appointment slot.

Any missed appointments or late cancellations will incur a charge equivalent to full the treatment cost.

Your consideration in this regard is very much appreciated.


The clinic is based in Luton, Bedfordshire in Stopsley area on the Mayfield Road. The entrance is at ground level making it easy access for anyone with mobility restrictions. 

Nearby bus stops are located in Wigmore Lane (100 and 12), Hawthorn Avenue (17 and 17A), Putteridge Road (12 and 17) and near Jansel House area (12). 

Car parking is available on the Mayfield Road direct to the clinic.

Kasia offers Foot Health treatments as well as supplying orthotics, supportive footwear and other foot health products. 


You can book your treatments Mondays to Thursday. 

All appointments have to be pre booked.

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